Mission Statement

The Minnesota Medal of Honor Memorial is committed to educating and inspiring our youth and future generations with the character virtues and values that our Medal of Honor recipients and veterans leave with us as their legacy.


The existing ‘Promise of Youth’ sculpture seen in this picture represents the youth of our state, she will be encircled by the new Minnesota Medal of Honor Memorial which will create a metaphor inspiring and educating our youth and public with character virtues and values that our recipients and veterans leave with us as their legacy.

Historical Significance- Why Minnesota?

Minnesotans have faithfully served and sacrificed in all our nation’s wars. At the outbreak of the Civil War, Minnesota was the first state to offer soldiers to President Lincoln in defense of the Union. To the present day, Minnesotans have served our state and country with great distinction including awards of our Nation’s greatest honor, the Medal of Honor. As of February 2016, a total of 72 Minnesotans has been awarded the Medal of Honor.

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Memorial Site

Winning Design

Provided by HGA

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To see a 360°View of the Memorial, click here!


The Memorial was approved by the 2016 Minnesota Legislature to be constructed under the Veteran’s Services Building at the main entrance of the Mall in prominent view of the Capitol. The Memorial design provides symbolic ties to the Medal itself and also the character virtues and values Medal of Honor recipients leave as their legacy to our youth. The Memorial will honor Medal of Honor and Medal of Valor recipients, veterans, our youth, and future generations.

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Legislation & Media


May 31st, 2017: The Omnibus Legacy Finance bill allocating $250,000 for the Minnesota Medal of Honor Memorial was passed by the Minnesota House and Senate along with Governor Dayton’s signature on May 31st, 2017. 

The Memorial Committee along with the Capitol Area Architectural Planning Board and state officials had agreed that the State of Minnesota needed to show that they too are invested into this bi-partisan project. The State agreed and would like to partner in this community engagement endeavor with local sponsors to show a unified front and to promote character statewide.

Senator Carla Nelson, Bruce Anderson, Richard Cohen and Foung Hawj (SF 566) brought the bill to the Senate and Representative, Bob Dettmer, Bob Gunther, Leon Lillie and Mary Murphy (HF707)  brought the bill to the House with identical language. It reads as the following:

A bill for an act relating to arts and cultural heritage; appropriating money for Medal of Honor commemorative memorial.



$250,000 in the fiscal year 2018 is appropriated from the arts and cultural heritage fund to the commissioner of administration to complete design and construction of a memorial in the Capitol area to honor all Minnesota Medal of Honor recipients. This appropriation is not available until the commissioner determines that at least $250,000 is committed to the project from nonstate sources, and there are sufficient resources to complete the project, as required in Minnesota Statutes, section 16A.502, and Laws 2016, chapter 189, article 13, section 64.




Attend our next Minnesota Character Development Program Training! This will be our FIRST elementary training in the State of Minnesota! Spots are available for K- 6th grade teachers and staff only. Would you like to reserve your seat today? Click Here! 

Minneapolis, MN Elem Training 31Jan18pdf.jpg

The Medal of Honor Character Development Program (CDP) is a resource designed by teachers to provide students at grade level K-12 with opportunities to explore the important concepts of courage, commitment, sacrifice, patriotism, integrity and citizenship and how these values can be exemplified in daily life.

With the opportunity to see positive role models, the depth and breadth of our students’ insight and reflection after interacting with these materials teaches how we can all choose to be our personal best.

As a proud advocate of the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation, we hold this resource and opportunity for our youth in the highest regard. Our team along with the Medal of Honor Convention Twin Cities helped saturate the CDP in the State of Minnesota.

To date we have helped accomplish the following:

  • Completed 6 successful CDP teacher training sessions
  • 17 school visits by one or more Medal of Honor recipients
  • Helped create and launch the new national Elementary CDP, including 2 teacher writing workshops
  • Over 300 teachers trained in the state from 80+ schools and districts
  • Passed legislation amending Minnesota Statutes 2014, section 120B.232, naming the MOH CDP as one the preferred character education programs in Minnesota.

Continuing the Living Legacy

One of the Memorial Committee’s main mission is to continue to build character amongst students statewide. We look forward to promoting one of the State of Minnesota’s recommended character education resource in schools across our state. On June 1st, 2017 we had an overwhelmingly successful teacher training in Southwest Minnesota. Our next training will be the Fall of 2017 with the goal to work towards every corner of the State making it accessible to all.

For more information on the CDP, please visit the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation website.


Sponsors & Advocates

Thank You

This multi-generational Memorial’s mission to leave an enduring imprint on our state’s history and future would not be possible without the support and involvement of our sponsors.

This multi-generational Memorial’s mission to leave an enduring imprint on our state’s history and future would not be possible without the support and involvement of our sponsors.


-All donations are tax deductible.
-All donors are acknowledged and provided statements for tax purposes.
-All contributions of $500-$999 or more will be offered a numbered and signed 16″x 20″ limited edition print of the Minnesota Medal of Honor Memorial by award-winning artist Randall Raduenz (includes shipping).

9400VetsMem_cmyk_300dpi_11X16xx-Revised-768x504.jpgSee more about the print (12″x 16″ image area)

-All contributions of $1,000-$1,999 will receive a framed, numbered and signed 16″x 20″ limited edition print of the Minnesota Medal of Honor Memorial by award-winning artist Randall Raduenz (includes shipping).

-Contributions of $2,000 or more please contact us.

Check donations: Should be made payable to Minnesota Medal of Honor Memorial, Box 2082, Stillwater, MN 55082

Credit card donations: Secure debit or credit card donations may be made through PayPal Credit Card processing or with your PayPal account.

The Minnesota Medal of Honor Memorial is a Minnesota non-profit corporation with IRS 501c3 and EIN Numbers upon request.

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“On October 3rd, 2016 I participated in the Ground Breaking Ceremony for the Minnesota Medal of Honor Memorial. That event was exceptional and I was proud to be a part of it along with currently serving on the Honorary Board for the Memorial. Building a memorial is an undertaking but there are many people helping to promote character and honor the veterans and recipients of the great State of Minnesota. On behalf of the Congressional Medal of Honor Society, we appreciate the Memorial’s dedication to the youth with the Character Development Program.”

Tom Kelley Medal of Honor recipient

“The Twin Cities Medal of Honor Convention was a big event in the State of Minnesota last October. It was great to be a part of it and the Minnesota Medal of Honor Memorial Ground Breaking Ceremony on October 3rd. Most people don’t see the amount of effort that everyone who is helping to build the Medal of Honor Memorial, it is a big thing and I believe we have to get as many people behind it. To date, the Memorial Board have had help with those who testified on committees, including testimony to and from the Capitol Area Architectural Planning Board along with passing this recent legislation. Working with the State of Minnesota we are thankful that the State approved Bill 707, as this is something that people will come to from across the state, it is an educational Memorial that provides insight into the Medal of Honor educational program, the Character Development Program. This Memorial ties together so many aspects to pay honor and respect to our recipients and veterans while teaching our youth. It was an honor to author the legislation and to work it through the committee process.”

Bob Dettmer MN Representative

MN MOH Recipients

72 Medals of Honor are Accredited to Minnesota, “For the Conspicuous Gallantry and Intrepidity in Action at the Risk of Life Above and Beyond the Call of Duty.”

*Minnesota’s Captain Charles A. Lindbergh received the Medal of Honor by special Congressional Action.
*During World War I, Louis Cukela received two Medals of Honor (one for Navy and one Army award) for the same action during the Battle of Soissons.


Honorary Board

Memorial Board


Medal of Honor Convention Week, Memorial Groundbreaking Event October 3, 2016

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Original Site of Memorial (current 2016)

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Minnesota State Capitol Renovation

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6-1-17 CDP Training

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Riverboat Fundraiser

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